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4. Analyse data

4. Analyse data

How to approach deep-data analytics on multiple levels? At the highest level when doing data analytics we start with looking at the total spend, sales, ACoS, and ROAS. Using different filter options can be used to easily find the campaigns that are generating a high ACoS, these campaigns are the ones you want to take action on first. It is then necessary to search within the campaigns and analyze the performances on the individual keywords amongst different date ranges. Experience tells you how many clicks, sales, and impressions it takes to optimize the bids and to what extend. With our years of experience managing both smaller as well as large accounts with millions of advertised revenue, we are able to optimize your bids accordingly, efficiently, and effectively.

We do an in-depth examination and analysis of your campaign and keyword performances. It is important to separate different targeting reports in order to understand the results per campaign type. We use the reports not only to find the best performing keywords and bid types but also to find money bleeding keywords, patterns between different searches, and insights to finetune advertising strategies. We also set up your campaigns in a particular structure that allows us to analyze data on category levels and benchmark the data on both categories as well as country level.

We adjust your bids based on the preset targets and based on the strategy for the particular product. If the strategy is to focus more on profits we do many small adjustments on a daily basis to finetune the profit whilst tracking the impact on the organic ranking. If the focus is more on ranking, we do regular bid increases when keywords have low impressions, this allows us to test the potential for the keywords and help to increase organic ranking in both the short and long term.

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