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1. Set targets

1. Set targets

Determine performance metrics

In order to determine the success of an advertising strategy, it is needed to define the performance metrics first. When looking at the historical advertising and sales reports we can determine these metrics and align them with your desired targets. We measure targets based on sales, budgets, ROAS, ACoS, TACoS, and ranking. Once we’ve set the targets we monitor them on a weekly basis and optimize the campaigns towards these targets. During weekly calls, feedback and insights are shared on the performances, decisions, and opportunities.




ROAS = Return on Ad Spend
ACoS = Advertising Cost of Sales
TACoS = Total Advertising Cost of Sales


We know Amazon! We have more than 5 years of experience with selling on Amazon, not just with advertising but all aspects. Breaking down all the fees and hidden costs seems almost impossible, therefore we are here to help you solve the puzzle. It is important to know your break-even ACoS and being able to optimize the campaigns towards this percentage. If we decide to push on the campaign to increase brand and product awareness we need to know what impact this has on the finances. Simultaneously, once we have sufficient awareness we want to know how profitable the campaigns are. Together we do the calculations and determine your target metrics.

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